We love film and the way it allows us to bring imagination to life. We believe that it is the  most powerful tool in casting a vision, telling a story, or inspiring people.  Film is a way for companies, individuals, and organizations to articulate their products, services, passions, and new ideas to the world.  


Articulate Film Co. is a full-service creative video production company. We combine our passion for visual storytelling and our love for filmmaking with marketing expertise to produce high-end creative and branded video content for corporate businesses and media companies, as well as artists and musicians, entrepreneurs, authors, and families, alike. Our goal here is to effectively help you articulate your story in the most engaging way possible.  

Our directors are passionate storytellers, embracing each creative challenge as an opportunity to think differently and customize solutions for our clients that are not only targeted and successful, but also surpass expectations.



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Whether you already have a concept or you’re looking for a dedicated team to kickstart your next creative project, Articulate Film Co. can help shape your story at any phase. The first thing we do is make sure we have a clear understanding of what each individual client’s goal is with the project they are working on before we do anything else. Then we strategize with our client on how we can effectively communicate their goals and stories to their audience.

This phase of production includes: consultation meetings, storyboarding, outlines, scripting, timeline creations and much more.


Our team of dedicated writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers are experts at making the impossible possible ‑‑ no matter the scale, platform, genre or budget. We travel to wherever the project calls

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Our in‑house editing and color correction capabilities allow us to handle complete post‑production on projects.