Riley Wilkinson

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Paige Wilkinson

Hey All!  Thanks for taking a moment to check out our website!

Heres a few things about me:

1. I LOVE working alongside my husband, Riley in creating films of all kinds! We started Articulate Film Co. one year after we got married and have been loving the chance to work together.

2. We have a German Shepard named Richard Branson after Sir Richard Branson (my hero) who is our baby for sure. 

3.  I personally love working on Promotional Films and music videos where we can get more creative.  

4. I love a good adrenaline rush whether it be from surfing, skydiving, or river rafting. 


Some of the most incredible moments in history have been captured in black and white. The first steps on the moon, Martin Luther King Jr. giving the "I have a dream" speech, or the first live shows that the Beatles ever played for television, and countless others. These are incredibly beautiful, special, and timeless moments in black and white that will be forever etched into our memories. These are moments that inspire us, and keep us searching for the next big moments in our lives. 

We love to capture these moments as they unfold in real time. Whether that is a father's tear on his daughter's wedding day, or a company working to articulate it's vision to the world.

We want to bring the color to your black and white moments.